How we helped change BNP Paribas' culture to become an API-driven organization, enabled their developers to create value for the bank's global customers.

The challenge

The rise of tech giants as well as "pure players", is pushing BNP Paribas to rethink their processes and the experience they offer to customers. Deemed as an unavoidable strategic challenge for BNP Paribas.

The solution

Adapting its organisation & tech stack to meet new human, technological and commercial challenges using API Management and a global change transformation program to become an API 1st organization. 

The results

BNP Paribas has  embraced its API potential and successfully transformed the organization to become an engine of innovation.

  • Dozens of APIs designed and exposed
  • Helped develop an automatic proxy builder
  • Designed the change transformation program
  • Implemented the first phase of this program

Services provided

  • API Portfolio Management
  • API 1st governance
  • Onboard platform
  • Develop use cases
  • API 1st courses
  • APItude (API 1st mindset)
  • API proxy builder (add-on)