By committing to Corporate Social Responsibility, we mean striving to be distinctive by doing business in a socially responsible, ecological and economical way. Obviously, that isn’t always going smoothly. In our daily business, we constantly make decisions that do not always prove to be the right ones, in the light of Corporate Social Responsibility. But, we learn as we go. Step by step we are moving towards our goal to make AppyThings a sustainable company, so we can be an excellent example of CSR for other businesses.

Curious to see how we try to achieve that? Here is a peek into our sustainable operations at AppyThings.

People: the face of AppyThings

Everything that AppyThings does and delivers involves the human factor. We strongly believe that our people make the difference. AppyThings is proud of its people, who differ in age, ethnic background, and sexual orientation. We do not judge.

We actively encourage innovation and ideation in working at AppyThings, but we also appreciate the guts to take responsibility for your actions.

Also, we are aware that not everyone has equal opportunities in this society, which is one of the reasons that AppyRuns works with various social organizations to provide opportunities for people with a passion. The time and energy we invest in helping others is nothing compared to what we get back for it.

We pledge ourselves to focus on creating a caring and inspiring working environment, where diversity and equality are self-evident. A working environment where you can actually be you.

Planet: our responsible footprint

An important part of our sustainability is the search for resources that are less harmful to the environment. With each choice of supplier, we request and go through their CSR policy in detail. Also, we choose local suppliers to service us where possible. That way we contribute to local economic development.

Furthermore, our IT infrastructure – from the domain registration to our cloud environment – is almost one hundred percent CO2 neutral. Our offices are also located in refurbished buildings.

We strive to reduce the size of our footprint on our earth, every day.

Profit: a different definition of fortune

Vital to our going concern and long-term goals is being a commercial company with sound financial management. Obviously, we would like to work with API Management and the Internet of Things for many more years. This does not mean that we cannot stand out in Corporate Social Responsibility as well.

We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of good governance. To create confidence among our people, we give our people insights into the financial figures of the company. We give each employee insight into how much someone costs the company, but more importantly into how much someone contributes. Several staff members are also part owner of the parent company and their work contributes directly to our existence in the future. We are aware that we are very fortunate.

In order to make a difference, we set aside a part of our profits to contribute financially to charity. Each year we select which charities we would like to support the upcoming year.

Corporate Social Responsibility: not because we have to, but because we truly see the benefits it brings.