KPN is the leading telecommunications operator in the Netherlands delivering high quality and innovative digital services to its customers. KPN develops and integrates platforms to achieve its strategic goals of customer centricity, digitization, automation, security, and digital competences.

The challenge

Establish an API Marketplace for KPN’s own, competitors’ and ecosystem solutions), plus simplify & streamline the operating model to support the strategy ‘Accelerate to grow’.

The solution

API Management as the centralized solution to manage, expose, and monetize APIs (KPN and non-KPN) and also drive the API Marketplace to deliver the best Developer Experience (from onboarding to Usage and Operations analytics). 

The results

  • Dozens of APIs managed & exposed easily
  • APIs as a new revenue model
  • API analytics to create new business models
  • Vibrant ecosystem of developers

Services provided

  • API 1st governance
  • Onboard platform
  • Develop use cases